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Jo: How I lost 7st 6lb – and became a WW Coach!

Jo, WW Coach of the WW 2016 Motivational WW Workshop Award winner, shares her tips for staying focused on your weight loss journey.
Published 26 September, 2016

Jo's story 

Name: Jo
Weight loss: 7st 6lb
Was: 17st 6lb
Now: 10st
Age: 28
Height: 5'5"
How long it took: 1 year 5 months
How she did it: Digital


"My training as a WW Coach – plus my new slim self – gave me all the confidence I needed! "

Find your motivation I’d always been big, and when I became pregnant in my early twenties, my weight put me into the high-risk category. I realised my weight was affecting my daughter’s life before she had even been born. So, six months after Lily arrived, I joined WW. I owed it to her to be fit and healthy.

Get your partner involved At first my partner, Stuart, didn’t want to give up our McDonald’s breakfasts and would try to tempt me with chocolate in the evenings. But I was determined to stick with WW and once I’d lost 3st, I persuaded him to join me.

Remember how well you are doing While out shopping one day, I mindlessly grabbed a few jumpers to try on, only to burst out laughing when I looked in the mirror. The top hung down to my knees. Out of habit, I’d grabbed a size 18! Sometimes, when losing weight, you don’t see the overall effect.

You can be an inspiration After reaching goal, I knew I wanted to inspire others. I’d started a weight loss Facebook page and people often commented on how motivating my posts were. ‘You should be a WW Coach,’ they said. And I thought: ‘Why not?’

Want to be a WW Coach? Go for it! When I was bigger, I was so self-conscious; I would never have stood up to talk to a room full of people. But my training as a WW Coach – plus my new slim self – gave me all the confidence I needed to walk into the fantastic Bishop Street WW Workshop with my head held high.