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04/11/16 : Sun, Sand & Seafood on Brighton Pier


Hi everyone, Sophie here again and I’m writing this blog from beautiful Brighton!


It’s an oddly warm autumn day here and the postcard-perfect seafront is packed full of wistful weekenders, including me and my other half! As we enjoyed a lie-in following our long trip from Durham last night, we missed breakfast (not something I’d recommend, but sometimes sleep is just too important), and lunch was high on our agenda.

We dined in Riddle & Finns at The Beach, and we definitely made the right choice, given the gorgeous weather and the fact that the outdoor seating area was a total suntrap!


After walking along the famous Brighton Pier taking in the sights and racking up over 7,000 steps on my FitBit (think of the FitPoints, Sophie), we headed to Riddle & Finns, a renowned champagne and oyster bar with acclaims from Gordon Ramsay. Be warned, there are two Riddle & Finns in Brighton just five minutes apart from each other. We found this out the hard way - thanks Google Maps!

We dined in Riddle & Finns at The Beach, and we definitely made the right choice, given the gorgeous weather and the fact that the outdoor seating area was a total suntrap!


The place definitely seems like a firm favourite with the locals and it’s not hard to see why. Guests sitting inside on the first floor had panoramic, unspoiled views of the beach and the pier, while those outside sat at their leisure, drinking wine, enjoying the food and watching the world go by.



As we took our seats, we were given bread and a selection of dips while we ordered. I had ½ slice of the bread with some butter, which I pointed at 4SP. I also ordered a medium glass of rose wine for 5SP. Weight Watchers is designed to be livable, so if something takes your fancy, you can enjoy it guilt free! Just make sure you have the SmartPoints allowance beforehand. I felt slightly continental with the sun in the sky and the smell of fresh seafood wafting around us!


Speaking of fresh, this is absolutely what this place does best. You can spot the seafood in the window being picked and cooked right in from of you. The only way it could be fresher is if we went down the beach and caught it ourselves!


For my lunch, I opted for the ½ Lobster Salad, with Citrus & Mango Dressing, while my other half (who is not following the Weight Watchers plan) ordered the Fish Cakes with Tartare Sauce and a side of fries.


The lobster salad was amazing! When it arrived at the table you could smell the beautiful citrus dressing and the lobster really stole the show. I asked the waiter how the lobster was cooked and he explained it was boiled and then drizzled with a citrus dressing and olive oil. This is another trick I’ve learned whilst following Weight Watchers. If you want something cooking a certain way, or don’t like an ingredient in a meal, just ask your servers to make an alteration. At the end of the day, you are paying for your meal; so don’t be afraid to ask how you’d like your meal to be cooked!


Lobster is a fantastic, low SmartPoints option, as ½ lobster is only 1SP!!! The salad was made with 0SP ingredients and I guesstimated around 2SP for the oil dressing, meaning my entire salad would have probably been no more than 3SP, but it felt indulgent and filling. That’s what I love about seafood – it’s good for you, full of protein, omega 3 and very SmartPoints friendly. Just watch out for fish cooked in oils or butter, as these can take a very nasty hit on your allowance! My boyfriend gave his fish cakes a solid 8/10, which I thought was a very impressive score from Mr. Fussy!

So, here’s how my trip to Riddle & Finn’s fitted into my daily food diary:-


Sophie’s Daily SP Allowance: 35SP

Sophie’s Remaining Weekly Allowance: 42SP



  • Small Latte, Skimmed Milk - 3SP
  • Total – 3SP



  • Bread & Butter - 4SP
  • ½ Lobster Salad with Citrus & Mango Dressing - 3SP
  • 1 medium glass of Rose Wine - 5SP
  • 2 x 250mls Water - 0SP
  • Guestimate Total – 12SP



  • 227g Grilled Sirloin Steak – 7SP
  • Baked Sweet Potato – 5SP
  • Roasted Carrots – 0SP
  • WW Sticky Toffee Bar – 2SP
  • Total – 14SP



  • Multipack bag Quavers – 3SP
  • Apple – 0SP
  • 2 x Tangerines – 0SP
  • Banana – 0SP
  • 2 Diet Cokes 330mls – 0SP

Total – 3SP


  • Daily Allowance Used: 32SP
  • Daily Allowance Remaining: 3SP
  • Weekly Allowance Remaining: 42SP




I’d highly recommended Riddle & Finns if you’re looking for somewhere to eat out without taking a hit on your daily SmartPoints allowance. Options on the menu were focused around small portions with a big emphasis on fresh ingredients, locally sourced produce and simple cooking. It was very busy (always a good sign I believe) and they were turning people away during our visit, so it’d be best to book to enjoy this little seafood gem nestled right on the beachfront.

For my next adventure, I’ll be heading to Nottingham! Follow me using the hashtag #WWDinesOut and on my social media channels to see where may or may not get the Official Eating Officer stamp of approval!



Twitter - Riddle and finns2

website - Riddle and finns

Speak soon!

Sophie x


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