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Benefits of your WeightWatchers membership

There's so much included with a WeightWatchers membership, and it can all be found in our award-winning app. Here's a rundown of what's at your fingertips when you sign up.

Getting started

The WeightWatchers app has everything you need to succeed on the programme, right from day one.

Kickstart - Live, interactive sessions with expert WeightWatchers Coaches to help you get off to the strongest start.

Tracking and rewards

Members who consistently track their food are more likely to succeed on the WeightWatchers programme. From simple tools to rewards for tracking, the app makes this essential part of the programme fun, quick and easy.

Food tracker - Our easy-to-use food tracker is the first thing you see when you open the WeightWatchers app. Use it to track your food stay on top of your Points Budget.


Because that’s why you’re here, right? There are delicious, Budget-friendly recipes galore in the WeightWatchers app - over 3,400 to be precise! Plus, live cookalongs and so much more.

3,400+ recipes - You’ll never be stuck for what to eat with thousands of recipes at your fingertips. Search for them, save them, create them, add them to your weekly meal plan, or browse recipe collections such as Quick ‘n’ easy and Budget-friendly sandwiches.

Mindset and activity

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - Join live workouts run by expert instructors and WeightWatchers Coaches. From walking to Pilates and everything in-between, enjoy working out in a fun and safe environment.

Support and guidance

Having a support network is key to your weight loss journey and at the core of your WeightWatchers membership. From round-the-clock online support to Masterclasses on topics like goal setting and menopause, we’re with you every step of the way.

Connect - If you’re looking for a positive social platform to share your journey with like-minded members, you’ll love Connect. Exclusive to Members, it’s the place to discover inspiration, share tips and advice, and join groups you identify with.


Whether in the Discover content hub or browsing through Connect, you’ll find fresh content that informs, motivates and inspires.

Science-backed Weekly Techniques - Each week, our team of WeightWatchers Coaches will walk you through a science-backed behaviour technique to help you build healthy habits and reach your goals.

Sign up today to unlock access to everything a WeightWatchers membership has to offer!