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31/10/2016 : My First Week as Official Eating Officer 


Hi all and Happy Halloween!

Well there have been some tricks and treats over the last seven days since my new role has been announced! I’ve got to say I’m overwhelmed by the lovely reactions from everyone.

It’s amazing to hear from so many fellow supportive Weight Watchers members (and leaders) who want to be a part of this #WWDinesOut journey with me and I’m truly inspired by all of your comments, suggestions and stories. So a big thank you and keep them coming!

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind if I’m honest, but in a really good way! Shortly after being informed that I was the successful candidate to become the Official Eating Officer (EEEEK), I was whisked off to London for the introductory shoot, which I absolutely loved! Can I do this forever please?!

Whilst in London, I also conducted my first restaurant review at The Grain Store, Kings Cross. The food was fantastic and I met up with a lovely journalist from the Daily Express to tell her a bit more about my appointment!


As I knew I was travelling a lot this week, I planned all of my meals in advance. I absolutely swear by the Weight Watchers app. I couldn’t live without it! It keeps me on the straight and narrow with every morsel passing my lips being subjected to the scanning treatment before I eat it. Even if it’s a biscuit in the staff canteen or one cup of tea, I always put everything in the app and it seems to be working for me. You’ll all have your own ways of planning your weekly food diaries. I’d love to hear your top tips for meal planning.

My other half was home this week too – so no cooking for one, which I can’t bear! He is very supportive of my weight loss journey and I have made a lot of meals which doubled up as lunch for the following day.

Some quick bulk meals I’ve made this week include:-

  • Quorn Chilli with ½ pouch microwave rice
  • Stand & Stuff Chicken Fajitas with side salad
  • Spaghetti Bolognese (recipe from the app)
  • Tuna Salad with boiled potatoes

Aside from my two Weight Watchers reviews this week, it was also my sister’s birthday. To celebrate, 12 of us ate at an Italian restaurant and I opted for a starter of garlic mushrooms (not breaded) and a ½ portion of penne arrabiata. Delicious, all ‘pointed’ and I didn’t have to miss some really important family time with my sisters and friends. It was a real highlight of the week. Family time is so precious to me.


Weigh In

So now comes the important bit. Since the news of my announcement, I’ve lost 1lb which takes my overall weight loss total to 43.5lbs (3 stone 2.5lbs in imperial).

I’m over the moon! I’ve tried to train myself that any loss is a loss and it does all eventually add up. I used to grumble if I lost 1lb, but Weight Watchers is a perfect example of that Hare/Tortoise scenario. This is a lifestyle, not a diet. I’m in it for the long run and small steps forward are better than any steps backward.



I’m also going to take some photographs to show you how my body may or may not change during this process. Yes, I know my mirror does need a good clean – you can see how that fares next week too..!

Weight Watchers is all about balance for me and being realistic about how it fits into your lifestyle. I've haven’t gone over my daily SmartPoints allowances over the last week but when I do, it comes from my weeklies - all honestly tracked and not feeling guilty.

I haven't actually managed to do my regular three weekly workouts in the gym either as I've been sooooo busy with my 9-5 job and obviously my new role, travelling around the country! My FitBit is very proud of me though – I’ve racked up well over 135,000 steps this week alone! Travelling does have its perks. You’re on the go constantly, but I would like to get back in the gym next week if I can.

Keep your eyes peeled next week for some more restaurant reviews and personal perspectives of how I’m finding this journey.

If you want to ask me any questions or follow my journey, feel free to follow me on social media and use the hashtag #WWDinesOut.

Have a great week everyone and I’ll write again very soon!



Speak soon,

Sophie x


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