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Weight Watchers Official Eating Officer

Meet our Official Eating Officer

Sophie Hardy, aged 25, from Durham, has been appointed as the UK’s first Official Eating Officer.


She will travel the country putting the nation's favourite restaurants to the test, proving that with Weight Watchers, a healthy approach to weight management doesn't have to cost you your social life.

We recently conducted a survey and found that over two thirds of British people feel that fad diets and other well-known weight management programmes make socialising difficult, with those aged 25-34 struggling to eat healthily more than respondents over the age of 45.

Sophie Hardy, our new Official Eating Officer

At aged 16, Sophie was a size 26 and despite losing five stone, her weight slowly crept up again. She is now two stone away from her goal weight and as part of the Official Eating Officer role, will be dining out twice a week testing restaurant’s menus for healthy and delicious options and giving them the Weight Watchers stamp of approval.


Weight Watchers unique counting system, SmartPoints, enables you to continue to live your life, confident that you can eat out or on the go and still lose weight.


Sophie will attend meetings led by trained leaders who have all lost weight with Weight Watchers and will make use of the online tools and the app with barcode scanner and tracker to provide 360 support wherever and whenever she needs it.


Hear more from Sophie

16.05.17: I said YES to Weight Watchers and got to goal!


Hi everyone,

I’ve got some VERY exciting news to share with you all – I GOT TO GOAL and I’m now a Weight Watchers Gold Member! Yippeeeee!!! That means my total loss following the Weight Watchers SmartPoints plan since January 2016 is 57.5lbs and I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size... read more



Hi all,

It’s Chriiiiissstmaaaaas! (...well, almost)! With just over a week to go until the big man arrives, parties are in full swing, supermarkets are pushing their mince pies and selection boxes to the front of their stores and your living room may resemble Santa’s grotto! more



13/12/2016: My Seventh Week as Weight Watchers Official Eating Officer


Hi everyone, how has your week been?

Well this week saw me stay the same on the scales for the second consecutive week, which I’m quite happy with. I’ve never gone off plan so to speak, but it was a difficult week away for me - eating out for every meal and trying more

08/12/16 : Sampling Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Chung Ying, Birmingham


Pre-Weight Watchers, Chinese food was my vice. It’s something I used to eat too much of; nowadays I consider it a rare treat. To be honest, it’s normally a hangover take-away choice rather than an eating out option, but I was open and excited to be sampling Chung Ying, an authentic Cantonese restaurant in the heart of Birmingham’s Chinatown. ... read more

05/12/16 : Week 6 as Official Eating Officer


Hi everyone!

Week six is upon us – I can’t believe how much time flies when you’re having fun (or eating out in my case)!

So, this week has been a tale of planes, trains and automobiles in terms of my full time career, which has seen me travel across the country for a whole week, and has presented a host of challenges and obstacles in terms of eating out and losing weight. ... read more


03/12/16 : SmartPoints, Scanning & Skinny Pizzas at Zizzi, Manchester


Ah Manchester, it’s good to be back! I lived and worked in Stockport for a year after graduating and I have fond memories of dining in the city, so I jumped at the opportunity to come back and conduct my ninth #WWDinesOut review! ... read more


30/11/16 : Celebrations & Occasion Eating in Sukhothai, Leeds


What’s your favourite reason to eat out? To try new things? To visit new places?  To save on the washing up? I love eating out for all of these reasons; but when it’s a special occasion I enjoy it even more! This week it was my friend’s birthday and six of us ... read more

28/11/2016 : My Fifth Week as Official Eating Officer


Hello everyone, how’s your week been?

Well, good things come to those who hustle and work hard, as this week I lost 2lbs, taking my total loss to 47lbs (3st 5lbs). I’m absolutely ... read more

24/11/16 : A SmartPoints Friendly Steak Dinner at The Botanist, Newcastle


Newcastle is my favourite city! Growing up on its doorstep means I visit the ‘toon’ a lot: for romantic meals, cocktails with the girls and for work meetings. There’s something for everyone here and I couldn’t wait ... read more

21/11/2016 : My Fourth Week as Official Eating Officer


Hello everyone, how are you doing?

Well, this week saw a bit of an unwanted surprise on the scales for me – I gained 1lb last week :(

I’ve got to admit, it came as a ... read more

17/11/16 : Burgers Aren’t Off Limits at Byron!


Hi everyone! How’s your week going?

This weekend I travelled North to a very chilly Glasgow on a mission to start some all-important Christmas shopping and enjoy some fantastic food– how is Christmas just ONE MONTH away?! Time is really flying this year! ... read more

14/11/16 : My third week as Official Eating Officer!


Good morning all.

How have your weeks been? Well, I had my weigh in on Thursday and I maintained my 46lbs loss and stayed the same on the scales – a result which I’m totally happy with and I’ve lost 3 ½lbs in total since taking on my new role ... read more

12/11/16 : Tapas, Tracking & Temptation at El Coto, Durham


Hi all, I hope you’re having a great week.  

As you’ve all probably guessed by now, I love eating out. I particularly love eating out when I’m given a restaurant on my doorstep to review ... read more

10/11/16 : A Proper Family Affair at George’s Great British Kitchen


Hi all! I hope you’re having a great week so far.

This week my Official Eating Officer duties saw me visit Nottingham for the weekend. I have a lot of relatives in Nottingham, ... read more

08/11/2016 : My second week as Official Eating Officer


Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a really great week.  This is my second week in the role of what is arguably the best job in the world (I’m a bit biased), and it’s just got even better, as 2.5lbs came off at the scales this week  ... read more

04/11/16 : Sun, Sand & Seafood on Brighton Pier


Hi everyone, Sophie here again and I’m writing this blog from beautiful Brighton!

It’s an oddly warm autumn day here and the postcard-perfect seafront is packed full of wistful weekenders, including me and my other half! ... read more

02/11/16 : Dates & Co at Plates & Co!


Hi everyone! I’m writing this blog post exactly 333 miles from my home in the seaside city of Bournemouth! I’ve travelled here with my other half to enjoy a romantic weekend and a much anticipated date night ... read more

31/10/2016 : My First Week as Official Eating Officer 


Hi all and Happy Halloween!

Well there have been some tricks and treats over the last seven days since my new role has been announced! I’ve got to say I’m overwhelmed by the lovely reactions from everyone ... read more

28/10/2016 : Sophie & The Amazing Technicolour


Hi all! Well, what better way to start my Official Eating Officer duties than with a trip to the Big Smoke? I tend to visit London a lot for work ... read more

26/10/2016 : My Weight Watchers journey so far


Hi there fellow Weight Watchers, food lovers and eating out enthusiasts!
My name is Sophie and I’m absolutely overjoyed and overwhelmed to have been chosen as the Weight Watchers first Official Eating Officer ... read more

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