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This dough balls recipe will make you feel like you're at Pizza Express

Missing Italian restaurant food? Us too. Try this delicious dough balls recipe to bring dining out vibes to your dining room.
Published 5 May, 2020

Italian-style dough balls recipe


If you love going out for Italian, you might be missing dough balls right now. And garlic bread. And pizza, and pasta, and divine Italian desserts, from tiramisu to affogato.

Here's the good news: with restaurant-style recipes that bring dining out to your dining room, we've got your back.

Scroll down for a delicious dough balls recipe, plus some pizza and dessert recipes to turn it into a three course meal.

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Try this delicious dough balls recipe at home

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Devoured the dough balls? Time for pizza and dessert! Turn the experience into a three course meal (whether it's for one or the whole family) and treat yourself to a restaurant-themed night in. Buon appetito!