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Take it outside!

There’s no excuse to stay indoors this festive season when there are plenty of fun ways to earn our FitPoints® in the fresh air.
Published 19 November, 2018

It’s tempting to hibernate at this time of year, but taking part in outdoor activities is great for your fitness level as well as your wellbeing. So, wrap up and head outside to try these fun ideas…

Walk in the park

Grab a friend, the dog, or go it alone – a winter walk can be calming and refreshing, as well as a simple way to earn some FitPoints.


Sledging is a great way to get your heart rate up while having a laugh – especially if you take turns pulling little ones up to the top of a hill.


Head to an outdoor rink and earn your post-skate mulled wine by really going for it. Even if you end up clutching the railing, you’ll be surprised how many muscles you’re actually using.

Be charitable

It’s the season of goodwill, so there’s no better time to flex your charitable muscle. Whether helping at a soup kitchen or handing out sleeping bags to the homeless, many voluntary roles involve a fair bit of physical activity, making it good for body and soul. Find out more at

Christmas Day dip

Only for the brave (and those who live by the Welsh coast), the annual Christmas Morning Swim sees a bunch of ocean-swimming enthusiasts take a chilling dip on 25 December. For something less bracing, search for an outdoor heated pool at a nearby leisure centre. Find out more at