Fitness & workouts

Get fit with your kids

Published 6 November, 2015

Making activity part of everyday family life is a great way to reap the benefits of a fitter and healthier approach to life.
Here are some great ideas for fun activities, guaranteed to win the whole family over:

  • Babies may be too little to join in, but pushing a pram or buggy around on a long walk can burn some serious calories.
  • Kids love jumping in puddles wearing their wellies, so a rainy day is a great opportunity to play outdoors.
  • Could your child be the next Beckham? Chasing a football round the park will give you some exercise and allows them to develop their footie skills.
  • Pack a sandwich and head out for the day on a family cycle ride. If you pull younger children along in a bike seat or trailer, it’s great for adding resistance to your ride.
  • Invest in a dance computer game or a dance mat. You’ll have so much fun busting moves, you won’t realise you’re getting a workout.
  • There’s a reason boxers use skipping ropes; the playground favourite is a serious cardio workout. Keep a rope by the backdoor for games or exercise.
  • Set up swimming competitions when you hit the pool. Who can swim the most widths in five minutes? The winner can decide which activity you’re all going to do next.