Think outside the scales

Watching the numbers go down on the scales feels good – but it's not the only way to judge success.
Published 23 January, 2020

We’ve all been there: that moment when you step on the scales, look at the number and are disappointed at the number staring back at you. But paying attention to wins that have nothing to do with weight not only reinforces healthy habits, but helps you to recognise the progress you’ve made, too. So regardless of whether or not the scales go the way you hope they will this week, make a decision to reflect on your non-scale victories (NSVs) to help you stay inspired. Here’s how, in three easy steps.

1. Identify non-scale victories

Pinpoint three healthy habits you’ve adopted, experiences you’ve had, or changes you’ve seen in your body (that have nothing to do with the scales) over the past few months.

2. Consider the impact

Think about the effect of these changes. Maybe you tried a few new dinner recipes which led to you discovering more veggies that you love, and upped your confidence in the kitchen.

3. Enjoy your successes

Notice how it feels to celebrate those NSVs. Is it different from when you’re focused on weight? Try jotting down your NSVs in a journal before your weigh-in each week.