Healthy dessert recipes

Check out our collection of healthy WeightWatchers® desserts that you can enjoy and still reach your weight loss and health goals.
Published 29 August 2018 | Updated 10 November 2023
Sarah's cinnamon doughnuts

Sugar, spice and all things nice!

On the WeightWatchers program you don't have to skip dessert! We have nutritionally checked and gathered our healthy dessert recipes that are made with fresh ingredients, have no artificial sweeteners and use healthy fats and low-fat dairy products. Meaning you can enjoy these desserts as part of a healthy well-balanced lifestyle and still reach your weight loss goals.

Love chocolate? Our chocolate, orange and pumpkin brownie bars use up leftover cold mashed pumpkin which may sound unusual in sweet cooking, but with the tasty jaffa flavour combination of orange and chocolate, you won't even realise you're eating vegetables.

After a speedy no-fuss dessert ? Four quick ingredients and 5 minutes is all it takes to make our banana and mango ice-cream.

Tips for healthy baking

By getting creative with ingredients, you can make healthy cakes and pastries that taste amazing and won’t scupper your healthy eating plan. Here’s how…

  • Line baking trays and cake tins with baking paper. This reduces the amount of oil needed for greasing and also makes washing up easier.
  • Try natural alternative sweeteners designed for baking instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners in cakes, muffins, slices and biscuits.
  • Swap butter for reduced-fat spread in baking. In many cakes and muffins you can also substitute half the spread for no-added-sugar apple puree or a mashed banana (this keeps the texture moist with less fat).
  • Try using canned beans and legumes. It may sound odd, but canned beans and pulses make a great substitute for flour and can reduce the Points (canned legumes and beans are a ZeroPoint food on the WW program). Used in cakes, they’ll give a moist texture and you won’t notice any difference in flavour. Don’t believe us? Give our strawberry bakewell cake a try!
  • Use oats. Substituting oats for some of the flour is another way to increase the nutrition factor of your bakes, and they’ll also add a nice nuttiness too. Try swapping a quarter of the flour in a recipe for porridge oats.

Top healthy dessert recipes

If you love dessert, the WW program is for you! Enjoy healthy desserts like these while you live your life and lose weight. From café-style banana bread and double chocolate chip cookies to coconut rice pudding and chocolate waffles, you can enjoy it all!