Emma Setches
Lost baby weight

"I lost 40kg and gained a fresh start"

Emma never thought she’d be able to lose 40kg. So, she broke her journey down into mini goals to make it seem less daunting. Here’s how she did it.

Emma's weight loss story

Name: Emma Setches
Weight loss: 40 kg
Was: 100 kg
Now: 60 kg
Height: 1.60 m
Age: 34
How long it took: 11 months 
How she did it: Online Coaching
Year reached goal: 2015

Then & Now

“In December last year, I completed a half marathon! The day was really special.”

My trigger moment
My weight has gone up and down since my late teens, but it wasn’t until I was 29 and had my son Jacob, now 4½, that I tipped into the obese category. I gained 30kg while pregnant so I joined Weight Watchers after he was born and lost 20kg. When I fell pregnant again, I gained another 30kg before I gave birth to Noah, now 2, which took me to 100kg. One day, my dad showed me a photo and I was in the background – I couldn’t
believe how big I looked. That was the moment I realised my weight was out of control, so I joined Weight Watchers Online.

My mini goals
My goal was to get to 60kg, which was overwhelming! So I broke it down into mini goals. My first goal was to lose 10kg by Christmas, which took about two months. I noticed an improvement in my shape and felt really good – it was the encouragement I needed to keep going. My next goal was to lose 10kg before I went back to part-time work. I lost 9kg before returning to the office, so I wasn’t far off.

Hitting a plateau
On maternity leave, I developed a good routine of healthy eating and exercise, but going back to work disrupted that. At work, I sit in the office all day, so I started going for walks during lunch. I also had to think about quick, healthy dinners I could prepare at the end of the day. I’ve got nearly every Weight Watchers cookbook, so on Thursdays I grab a few and plan dinners for the next week. I like that I can cook one meal a night that works for my whole family – that convenience has helped me maintain my weight loss.

My exercise routine
My sister is a personal trainer and has been one of my biggest supporters. I started doing boxing sessions and strength training with her, and she encouraged me to try running. I’d never been a fan, but I started out by walking a bit, then running a bit, and built up my fitness from there. I improved gradually and, in December last year, I completed a half marathon! My sister ran it too, and the day was really special. My family came to watch me cross the finish line.

My new style

I used to feel self-conscious and unhappy getting ready for nights out because I was the ‘fat friend’. I wanted to lose 35kg before Noah’s first birthday, and I did! To celebrate, I bought a new outfit for his party – it was bright and unlike anything I’d worn before. And when I reached my overall loss of 40kg, I went on a shopping spree. Trying on size-10 clothes that fit is always a happy moment.

A fresh start I feel happy and energetic
I used to struggle to get up off the floor, but now I’m up and down with my boys all the time, and when I exercise at home they join in. They see it
as something fun, and they’re growing up eating healthily. I’m so happy I’ve had the chance to change my habits while they’re young so they have a better start.

“While losing weight, I did my grocery shopping online so I wasn’t tempted by the specials.”

Emma Setches

My fitness routine
Emma aims to exercise four or five times a week, and it helps that her sister is a personal trainer! Here’s an example of her weekly routine to help inspire you.

  • MONDAY A walk at lunchtime, and a boxing class at night
  • TUESDAY A strength-training session
  • WEDNESDAY A run, or a short HIIT session using the PT In My Pocket app
  • SATURDAY A run
  • SUNDAY Rest day

My favourite things

  • MUSIC At the moment I love listening to Will Sparks – any tune with a good bass line helps me keep my pace up when I’m out running.
  • APPS When I don’t have time to exercise, I do four-minute workouts with PT In My Pocket. And I use RunKeeper to track walks and runs. The Weight Watchers app makes tracking food and looking up recipes a cinch.
  • SNACK I have the Weight Watchers Peanut & Honey Snack Bar every day for morning tea.
  • RECIPE My favourite dinner recipe right now is the Chicken, rice noodle & vegetable stir-fry from the Weight Watchers Easy As 1, 2, 3
  • cookbook. The recipe is really easy and my boys like it too!
  • SHOPPING While I was losing weight, I did my grocery shopping online so I wasn’t tempted by the specials. I’d only order what I needed for the recipes and meals I’d planned for the week.
  • ME TIME If I have a little time to myself I’ll read a book or go for a walk with a friend and have coffee afterwards. Or I’ll go and get a massage.
  • MY FRIENDS My friends have been really supportive. Whenever they drop by for a visit they bring a healthy snack to share.
  • FISH FRIDAY Every Friday, I order grilled fish, steamed dim sims and a seafood stick, and I have a glass of wine. Looking forward to that ‘cheat meal’ keeps me on track for the week.