A simple mindset shift means Mandi has lost weight for good

Now she’s happier, healthier and knows she’ll remain diet-free for life

Mandi's review on the PersonalPoints Program

I love that the new PersonalPoints is exactly as it sounds... PERSONAL. It’s more tailored to me and my lifestyle than ever before. I also love adding Points for doing healthy things. It’s such a great incentive to turn healthy choices into lifetime habits.

I use my ZeroPoint foods as the starting point of my meal and build around it with Pointed foods I love. This helps build the ultimate tummy pleaser! I’m always mindful of serving sizes and have learnt to listen to my body and know when I’m full.

I’ve lost 3 kg Covid kilos on Personal Points. My advice is to trust the program, it is designed to work with you. These days I feel fresh and full of energy. I love the new program and the fire it has re-lit inside me to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Mandi's weight loss story

When Mandi joined WW, she was determined to lose weight so she’d feel more comfortable on an upcoming family holiday. Little did she know that as well as achieving her weight-loss goal, losing 24kg in 16 months, it’d be her first step on a path towards self-respect, self-care and a new relationship with food that means she’ll never go on a diet again.

Mandi's 'why'

"I want to LIVE not just exist! In order to be the best version of myself, the best Mum, wife and friend, I need to look after me, from the inside out."