Nikki found her ‘forever lifestyle’ when she joined WeightWatchers®

And she says it's why she knows her 22kg weight loss will stick long term.
Published 18 May 2021 | Updated 30 November 2022

Nikki's weight loss journey

On a mission to improve her self-esteem, Nikki joined WW as a gift to herself. Six months later she’d reached a healthier weight, but having discovered a genuine love of ‘the healthier option’ on the menu, the scales kept moving. Losing 22kg in total over eight months, she’s kept the weight off for four years and thanks to WW, knows that’s just the beginning.

Nikki’s “why”

“I didn’t have a specific event or ‘thing’ that I wanted to lose weight for – this time I just wanted to do it for me, to prove to myself that I was worth it. My self-esteem was at an all-time low and I hated the way I felt and looked. I wanted to feel better about myself.”

I’ve never wanted to stop doing WW

“When I joined WW, as well as being about proving I was worth it, I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick to it, too. But WW makes that part simple because it doesn’t ‘end’. It’s a lifestyle and you learn how to sustain the all-important healthy habits so that they just become second nature. Once I got to my goal weight I didn’t have to worry that I’d lose my way and go back to old habits because my new, healthier habits were not only very liveable, they were so well instilled.”

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My palate has changed thanks to WW

“I’m no longer tempted by the ‘burger and chips’ option on the menu. Which isn’t to say you can’t eat that if you want to because no food is off limits, but my palate has changed and I don’t crave sweet or fattier foods now. I’m more than happy to choose the healthy option, even when I’m eating out – and I do eat out quite regularly. This definitely doesn’t mean I don’t have the occasional dessert though! The difference these days is that a choice like that doesn’t derail me. I eat it, enjoy it and make my next meal a healthier one.”

WW recipes are as tasty as they are healthy

“Once I realised I could make things at home like pancakes and café-style food that looked and tasted amazing but was healthy too, I never felt like I was missing out. And while you really can eat anything you like on WW, it’s making the healthier choice that’s going to give you more success. WW has also taught me how to make other recipes healthier and now I love to experiment with all sorts of flavours. I don’t shy away from trying new things anymore.”

Exercise has become a pet project

“My secret for staying active is to have dogs in your family! My pups make sure I go for a walk every single day and I love getting out with them before breakfast. Seriously though, I’m so much more active now than I was before joining WW. Going for long, long walks is one of my favourite things to do and I have so much more energy now, as a result.”

I love the skin I’m in

“I feel healthy and comfortable in my own skin, which after so many years of disliking my body and having low self-esteem, is a totally new concept for me. It feels incredible. WW really has changed my life.”