Meet WW Member Ambassador Belinda who lost 42kg

Belinda lost 42kg over 27 months. Read her inspiring story about losing the baby weight and how she adapted the WW lifestyle to reach her goal weight during Sydney’s lockdown.
Published 3 April 2022 | Updated 9 December 2022

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Belinda's WeightWatchers journey

I put a lot of weight on trying to fall pregnant and while I lost some of this during pregnancy due to morning sickness that never left, I began putting weight on as a first-time mum; trying to recover from a C-section and balance my new role as a mum and the lack of sleep, whilst supporting my husband who has Multiple Sclerosis.

Take-away meals soon became my saviour at dinner time and diet soft drinks, chocolate and sugar filled food would help me get through my day. I wanted to be healthier and feel more comfortable in my clothes as well as buy clothes that I liked, not because that was the only choice I had from the "plus range”. I wanted to be a “fun mum” with my newborn daughter as she grew older, one who said yes to playing in the park, not a mum sitting on the sidelines watching.

Member Belinda before and after 42 kg weight loss

Why I chose the WeightWatchers program

I'd had success with WW previously, so I knew it was a program that not only worked for me, but was one that would fit my lifestyle and help me create long term healthy habits, all while being family friendly.

Following the WW program, I have learned how to balance my weekly menu to not only include foods that I enjoy, but also enjoy social events and making memories with my family, without fearing that foods and events will add to my weight or have my eating habits “spiral out of control”.

On WW I have learnt how to balance my food choices, I have a better understanding of portions and foods that keep me fuller for longer. I love that I can now cook recipes using real ingredients, not just a recipe from a jar. I also now have the confidence to modify recipes and customise them so they suit me and my family better.

Exercise is now a part of my weekly routine

It is now part of my routine to do a 5km walk in our local area 4 days a week as I found this was achievable whilst working part time. The route is no longer a flat one, but includes hills while I am still pushing my daughter in the pram (who is now 3 years old and much bigger than a 7 month old baby!) The other 3 days I aim to get my 10,000 steps. If I manage to do another walk on other days, then I count it as a bonus.

I'm more mindful and aware of 'what I do' after being at a celebration or social event. Leading up to these types of occasions I plan my meals and snacks to help create balance. I look for extra ways I can add movement into my week which adds Points to my weekly budget. I also aim to have some rollover Points in my weekly tracker before attending so I can enjoy the foods I love.

I reached my goal weight during COVID lockdown

I’m super proud that during Sydney’s 3 months of COVID lockdown I didn’t lose sight of my goals and I achieved my goal weight!

My best advice to others

1. Don’t give up anything you don’t want to give up forever. Or once you’ve lost the weight those unhealthy habits will sneak back in. So, keep the chocolate and takeaway in your life, but plan your other meals and days around them to create balance.

2. Work out what your "non-negotiable" for the day is and put that in to your WW tracker first. For some people that may be coffee, but for me that's dessert. I always enjoy having a dessert to sit and relax with, when the kitchen is clean, I'm ready for the next day and the house is quiet. Enjoying dessert at the end of the day also puts a stop to my mindless, untracked snacking after dinner.

3. Do exercise you enjoy. If you choose to do an exercise that you enjoy, it will encourage you to move more, rather than find an excuse not to go or not to do it. Exercise doesn’t have to be fancy, the only exercise that I did and still do is walking. My walking route and its length has changed over time to increase and challenge my fitness, but for me walking (while pushing a pram that’s increased in weight) has been enough.

4. Find your cheer squad. WW workshops, WW Connect and Instagram are all places where I can share my journey and get inspiration from others. My WW Workshops are my time in the week to reflect and make my weight loss journey a priority. Then during the week, I engage with other members on Connect and Instagram, not only to share my experiences and ideas, but also to gain inspiration from others and to connect with other people who have similar goals to me.