Wendy helped her husband lose 11kg without even trying

Together they’ve lost 36kg and now Wendy’s helping other people do it too, as a WW Coach.
Published 3 January 2021

Wendy’s review on the PersonalPoints Program

PersonalPoints makes me feel as though I am in the driver's seat. I love growing my Points for demonstrating healthy behaviours such as increasing my veggies and getting my water in.

I desperately needed a reset button and the new program could not have come at a better time. I am loving the new app features. I feel like a new member again! I am happy that seafood & chicken breast remain as Zero Point foods for me as they are my favourite proteins.

I am feeling more energised and so much better about myself. I am enjoying cooking again and fueling my body with good food. I’m loving that I am totally in control of my destination - regardless of how long it takes.

I have lost 9.2 kg in 12 weeks with 4kg to go!

Wendy's weight loss journey

Determined to become a mum who could run around with her young sons rather than watching from the sidelines, Wendy joined WW for them – and herself. What she couldn’t see coming was that in the 10 months it took her to lose 25kg, she’d not only gain enough confidence to take on a new career, her husband would lose a significant amount of weight, too.

Wendy's 'why'

“I joined WW for myself and for my mental health, but also for my children. I didn’t want to miss out on time with my boys, and I didn’t want to keep saying no to things because of my weight. I want to be the mum that’s on the soccer field, cheering, running and helping.”

Wendy before and after