Kiriana lost 14kg and found her confidence and zest for life

Kiriana swapped alcohol and drive through for a healthier lifestyle and lost 14kg over 12 months! She feels the best she's EVER felt and done it without having to give up her eating out and her social life.
Published 6 July 2022

Kiriana's weight-loss story

What was life like before WeightWatchers®?

Before joining WeightWatchers I was very low emotionally. I had no confidence, covered myself in baggy clothes and hated seeing myself in photos. I drank a lot with the assumption it would make me feel better. I lived on drive through food as I traveled a lot for work. I even stored emergency chips in my glove box!

Did you have a lightbulb moment?

Not a specific single moment but I had many smaller moments that built up over time. I hated the way I was feeling and I was always complaining about myself and how I looked. I knew I didn't want to keep feeling like this, nor did I want my son to pick up on my negative behaviour and start viewing himself in the same way. I wanted to feel good about myself and be a healthier and better role model for my family.

How has your lifestyle and eating habits changed?

Since joining WW I love how much I have learnt about food, myself and my body. I love that the WW program is catered to the food I enjoy eating the most. It is truly sustainable long term and realistic without having to cut out any food groups. It has changed my way of thinking about food and what I CAN eat rather than what I CAN'T. I can still go out to eat at a cafe or restaurant with friends and family. I don't have to miss out or avoid social occasions out of fear!

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What does an average day on WW look like for you?

Breakfast is usually two boiled eggs mashed with lite cottage cheese spread on toast. Lunch is chicken or tuna salad. Dinner is usually a protein (chicken, fish or steak) with an large portion of veggies. Snacks are either fruit, fresh dates or pretzels.

I workout about 4 times per week either walking, jogging or doing Xtreme Hiphop Step.

WW member Kiriana then and now

What are you most proud about?

Reaching my goal weight and maintaining since April. I am also proud of my new love for fitness and the flow on affect to my family. My husband and my 8 year old son now join me in my Step classes too! That is the best feeling.

Did you have any challenges along the way?

In the early stages limiting my alcohol intake was challenging, especially at special occasions. But with my new love for exercise it has outweighed the urge to drink and avoid that morning hangover.

What do you like about Workshops

WW has made my life a lot more positive and brighter! I love the advice I get in our Virtual Workshop from both my Coaches Kimberly and Amber. Both were amazing and very helpful in my journey. Having a Coach to keep me accountable also helped me stick to my goal.

What is your best advice for others?

Give WW a chance and stick to the plan. Don't beat yourself up if you go off track, just dust yourself off and get right back on track! I'm so happy that I lost 14.2kg over 12 months and have been easily maintaining since April this year.