The once-a-week routine that’s been a game-changer for Victoria’s weight loss

And she’s done it without giving up any of her favourite foods.
Published 1 December 2020 | Updated 30 November 2022

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Victoria's weight loss journey

Before losing 20kg in 18 months with WW, Victoria was worried that trying to lose weight would mean saying goodbye to her social life and feeling like she was missing out all the time. As well as discovering how wrong she was to worry, thanks to WW, Victoria has met a whole new group of friends who have played a key role in her success.

Victoria's 'why'

“I’ve got two young boys and when you have young kids, I think it’s really easy for some of your pre-mum identity to disappear. So as well as wanting to lose my ‘baby weight’ once and for all, I was determined to feel more like me again. I’m so happy to have reached that, and it’s really boosted my confidence and my self-worth. Plus, I’ve got so much more energy, which makes it easier to keep up with my little ones. My WW journey is both for me and my family.”

Victoria before and after

Workshops makes all the difference

“The community I get to be a part of at my Workshop each week is such a big part of what’s kept me going on this journey. I’m able to get and give support, which is really important. We’re all in the same boat, trying to improve our health. Plus, I find the routine of physically going to the Workshop each week helps keep me accountable and that’s a big thing, too.

“My Workshops are also my weekly ‘me’ time, where I have the space and time to focus purely on myself and my goals. I block out time for them in my diary and treat it like any other non-negotiable weekly appointment. Attending a Workshop always reinvigorates me for the week ahead.”

It’s family friendly

“There’s nothing time consuming about WW. I eat exactly the same food as my family, so I never have to prepare multiple meals. There are so many WW recipes to choose from and they’re all totally delicious. My husband can never tell he’s eating a WW recipe. In fact, he often comments that because I’m a WW member, we all eat better now. It trickles down naturally because there’s always more fruit and vegetables in the house and I cook healthier meals.

I love the fact that I’m helping my family understand more about nutrition and the importance of making healthy choices.”

I never feel deprived

“WW has helped me reach my weight-loss goal without feeling deprived. Not once in the six months it’s taken to lose 16kg have I felt like I’m sacrificing anything. In fact, I’ve had friends who, when I tell them I’m on WW say, ‘but hang on, you never seem to miss out on anything’. That’s not only the truth, it’s the beauty of it. You get to live your life and lose weight at the same time. Some weight-loss programs can be quite antisocial, but not WW. You never feel separated or different from anyone just because you’re on a weight-loss journey.”

The flexibility works for me

“The WW food plan because it’s my ideal mix of freedom and accountability. I use ZeroPoint foods to either bulk up recipes when I’m feeling particularly hungry, or to create an entire meal from when I want or need to. That means I’m free to use my Points to enjoy a meal out, or to have a glass of wine or some chocolate. It’s that flexibility and knowledge that there’s never anything you ‘can’t’ have that’s been the key for me.”

What Victoria eats on Blue
What Victoria eats on Blue