How mum Gemma lost 44kg and has kept it off 2 years

After gaining weight after having kids, Gemma chose WeightWatchers® to get her back on track. She lost 44kg over 15 months! Her best advice? Trust the process.
Published 7 July 2022

Gemma's weight-loss story

What was life like before WW?

Before joining WeightWatchers I was overweight, unhappy and lacking confidence. I never wanted to leave the house. Even popping to the shops I felt miserable and vulnerable. I know that most mums gain weight during pregnancy but I'd gained 35kg and felt like I had let myself go so much that it would be impossible to get myself out of the rut.

What made you join WeightWatchers?

Seeing photos of myself at my partner's 30th was confronting. I was so unhappy at how I looked. My mother-in-law suggested WW as she had been successful in the past and said it works. At first I was skeptical as I had tried Jenny Craig, fad diets and fitness based approaches such as the F45 Challenge but nothing had worked for me. But as soon as I joined WW and started tracking what I ate and sticking to my Budget, the weight dropped off from my first week. Losing weight each week motivated me to keep going!

"As soon as I joined WW and started tracking what I ate and sticking to my Budget, the weight dropped off from my first week."— Gemma

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How have your lifestyle changed?

A big light bulb moment for me was realising that the foods I had been eating were really high in Points! Tracking everything I ate and learning how to stick to my Budget was a game changer. For breakfast I usually eat weet-bix or Special K with coconut milk. Lunch is a big salad with protein such as boiled eggs as working full time I find this quick and easy to prepare. Dinner faves are spag bol, a healthy curry, turkey burgers with veggies and chips. I love dessert! I often have yoghurt or I make a sugar free cake.

What are you most proud about?

I’m proud that I have stayed at my goal weight for 2 years after losing 44 kg over 15 months. I initially set myself a goal of 75kg, but I was able to keep going. Now my weight steadily sits between 65-70kg which I am so happy with and easily able to maintain.

What is your best advice for others?

My advice is to trust the process. Everyone’s journey is different and everyone loses weight differently. Just be consistent and track as much as you can. I really think that for me, tracking is key! Everything you eat and drink, just scan it into the WW app. It takes 2 seconds and you will thank yourself in 6 months time, trust me!