21 best lamb recipes for spring

Lamb is packed with essential nutrients, making it a smart red meat choice.
Published 7 September 2021 | Updated 21 September 2023
Lemon and oregano lamb with roasted vegetables

Lamb provides a great source of protein and packs in more iron than chicken or pork. Here are 21 ways to enjoy lamb today!

3 reasons to enjoy more Aussie lamb

  • Lamb is a great source of high-quality protein.
  • Lamb also contains a number of nutrients including iron, zinc, and B group vitamins. It has four times more iron than chicken and twice the amount found in pork.
  • Lamb is really versatile and provides different cuts to suit any budget.

Buying lamb

When choosing lamb look for a fine grain with a firm white fat. The paler the meat the younger it is, which is not necessarily good for flavour. The older the lamb the more flavour it will have. Lamb is renowned for being fatty, but look for lean cuts, trim any excess fat from joints and grill rather than fry.

Cooking lamb

Lamb is one of the easiest meats to cook. Lamb should be eaten slightly pink (blush), which means cooking it at a hot temperature quite quickly. Otherwise you cook it at a medium temperature until it virtually falls off the bone. Chop cuts of lamb are ideal for grilling, whereas legs and shanks cuts are best slow cooked.