Photo of Grilled Chicken Sandwiches With Chipotle Mayonnaise by WW

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches With Chipotle Mayonnaise

3 - 5
PersonalPoints™ per serving
Total Time
17 min
10 min
7 min
This sandwich hits the spot when you're in the mood for smoky, spicy flavor. To turn the heat up or down a notch, simply adjust the amount of chipotle peppers you add to the mayo. The chicken is seasoned with a simple combination of lime juice, salt and pepper before grilling. Mix finely chopped chipotle peppers and mayonnaise together to spread on the chicken sandwiches. You can use it for other things such as fish, hamburgers or tacos. Serve this sandwich with either a fruit salad or coleslaw.


Uncooked boneless skinless chicken breast(s)

1 pound(s), thinly sliced

Fresh lime juice

1 tsp

Table salt


Black pepper


Reduced calorie mayonnaise

2 Tbsp

Canned chipotle pepper(s)

1 Tbsp, finely chopped or to taste

Mixed greens

1 cup(s)

Reduced-calorie wheat bread

8 slice(s), toasted

Fresh tomato(es)

1 medium, cut into 8 slices


  1. Heat ridged grill pan over high heat. Sprinkle chicken with lime juice, salt, and pepper. Place chicken in pan and grill, turning once, until cooked through, about 5 minutes.
  2. Stir mayonnaise and chipotles together in small cup.
  3. Divide greens among 4 slices of toast. Top each with 2 tomato slices and one-quarter of chicken. Spread each remaining piece of toast with about 2 teaspoons chipotle mayonnaise and place on sandwiches.
  4. Serving size: 1 sandwich