Photo of BBQ Chicken Pita  by WW

BBQ Chicken Pita

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Enjoy this summertime recipe from Chef Kelsey Nixon.

Meal Items

romaine lettuce

1 cup(s)

skinless original seasoning rotisserie chicken breast

2 oz, (cubed)

canned yellow corn

¼ cup(s), or fresh corn

grape tomatoes

5 medium

Reduced fat feta cheese

2 Tbsp

fresh lime juice

1½ Tbsp


½ Tbsp, (chopped)

barbecue sauce

2½ tsp, (smoky variety)

whole wheat pita

1 large, cut in half


Combine lettuce, chicken, corn, tomatoes, feta, lime juice and cilantro in a bowl; roughly chop. Add barbecue sauce and toss to coat; spoon into pita.