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19 perks included in your WW membership

Read up to take full advantage of all of them!

News flash: Your WW membership includes incredible perks! Start with the list below to make sure you're cashing in on all of them: 

1. The WW App

Using the Weight Watchers app

Our easy-to-use app lets you work your WW program wherever you go, so you can track the food you eat and activity you clock no matter where you are. 

2. A SmartPoints® budget

Weight Watchers MyDay

Our scientifically-proven SmartPoints system takes the guesswork out of weight loss by distilling complicated nutritional facts into a single number. On WW, you'll get a personalized Daily SmartPoints Budget that's specificially designed to help you reach your weight loss, weight maintanence, or wellness goal, plus extra weeklies to splurge on special meals or treats. For extra flexibility, you can roll over up to 4 unused weeklies to spend however you like!

Every food and drink is assigned a SmartPoints value based on its calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein content. And with myWW™, you also get a list of ZeroPoint™ foods with a SmartPoints value of 0 that you don’t need to weigh, measure, or track because they form the foundation of healthy eating patterns, making the program you choose more livable than ever before.

3. A food Barcode Scanner

Weight Watchers barcode scanner

To make mindful eating easier than ever, the WW App includes a barcode scanner for easy, one-tap tracking.

4. WellnessWinsTM

Weight Watchers WellnessWins Wellness Rewards Program

Our one-of-a-kind rewards program gives you Wins for practicing healthy habits, like tracking meals and exercises, weighing in, and attending WW Workshops. You can redeem Wins for exclusive prizes from snacks to swag and amazing experiences. 

5. Fitness device syncing

Syncing Wearable Devices with the Weight Watchers App

Have an activity tracker? It easily syncs with the WW app so you can keep count of your daily steps and workouts—and earn Wins!—without lifting a finger. 

6. Connect

Weight Watchers Connect Screen

Connect, our members-only social community, is the most positive social space you will find. Get inspiration from other members, share tips and tricks for making the program work, and get access to Connect Groups, where you can meet members with common interests.

7. Thousands of recipes

Weight Watchers Recipe Screen

No matter what you want to eat, and how little cooking experience you've got, there's a SmartPoints-friendly recipe to hit the spot. Just search our database, which is available on our App and desktop experience and constantly updated so you'll never run out of ideas. 

8. 24/7 coaching

Weight Watchers Chat with a Coach screen

Have a burning question about the program? Our 24/7 chat, which is available in the WW App, connects you with live WW coaches who are at the ready to provide you with answers absolutely any time.

9. Headspace

Weight Watchers and Headspace App Screen

Our partnership with Headspace brings mini moments of mindfulness to your wellness journey. Access exclusive meditations just for WW members right from your WW App.

10. Aaptiv

Weight Watchers and Aaptiv App Screen

Get access to Aaptiv's equipment-free audio workouts in your WW app. There's something for every activity level regardless of your fitness goal.

11. FitPoints 2.0

Weight Watchers Fitpoints Screen

FitPoints 2.0 is our new way to track activity, which takes into account your age, gender, most recently tracked weight, and exercise intensity, to give you the most accurate account of your workout. 

12. Support from Siri

Weight Watchers Siri Screen

iOS users can ask Siri to "track my breakfast" or "tell me how many SmartPoints I have left." Over time, Siri will learn your habits and help recommend shortcuts to keep you on track!

13. Blue dot challenge

Weight Watchers Healthy Eating Zone App Screen

Have you ever wondered what those blue dots are on your Journey tab? They represent days you've stayed in the healthy eating zone, which means your eating within 10 SmartPoints below your Budget and up to 5 over it. To show off your progress, screenshot your streak and post it on Connect with the hashtag #bluedotchallenge. 

14. Recipe Builder 

Weight Watchers Recipe Builder App Screen

Within our app or desktop experience, you can build your own recipes for easy tracking. (Also be sure to take advantage of ‘Favorite’ foods. Have a food you eat regularly? Tap the star beside its name and it will live in your favorites for one-tap tracking!)

15. Meal ideas

Weight Watchers Prebuilt Meals

Get daily recipe suggestions and meal ideas right in your app or on desktop.

16. Weight tracking and Milestones 

Weight Loss Tracker

Are you in it to win it? We’ve got your back! By tracking your weight you are on your way to seeing success! Plus, as a little hurrah for you, we will send you encouragement messages when you accomplish milestones on your journey.

17. Weekly Topics  

Weight Loss Tips App Screen

Every week we pick a theme that we know will help members work the program. This Weekly Topic, which you can find in your app, is updated every Sunday.

18. Advice from our most successful members

Weight Loss Community

Did you know that many of our WW Studio Wellness Coaches are former members? They've all been specially trained to help others meet their goals on the program. 

19. Unlimited Invite a Friend

Invite a Friend Special Offer

Have you heard about our referral program? As a WW member, when you invite a friend who joins, you both get a month free—and there's no limit! Invite as many friends as you want starting here, and rack up all the free months!

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