7 mac-and-cheese recipes that taste too creamy to be so low in Points

Whether you prefer the classic version, crunchy toppings, or bacon mix-ins, there's a bowl that will fit right into your Budget.
Published June 21, 2019

Can't live without mac and cheese? You don't have to—no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. Whether you're hankering for a carby cheese pull or a saucy spoonful of noodles, there's a Points™-friendly way to hit the spot without tilting the scale in the wrong direction. For instance, you could try the one-pot version made with butternut squash, or opt for portion-controlled (and extra fun!) mac-and-cheese doughnuts. For more ideas—like adding broccoli to bulk up your serving size or stirring in bacon for a flavor burst—read on and get cooking!