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ZeroPoint Cheat Sheet: Chicken and Turkey

Is rotisserie chicken a ZeroPoint food if you take off the skin? We’ve got the answer.
Published December 19, 2017

Chicken is one of our members’ top tracked foods and it’s easy to see why—white meat poultry is delicious, satisfying, and has less cholesterol and saturated fat than meats like beef, pork, and lamb.

If chicken is on your ZeroPoint™ foods list, you may be wondering if something like deli meat is too. And what about ground chicken? Does that have a PersonalPoints™ value? Our nutrition team has the answers. 

When is chicken one of my ZeroPoint foods and when is it not?

The following ARE ZeroPoint foods for some WW members: 

  • Chicken breast: skinless, boneless, whole, ground or deli-sliced; raw, cooked, or smoked in 0 PersonalPoints™-value sauces or spices

  • Ground chicken or turkey that is labeled “breast” or “extra lean” or at least 98% fat free/2% fat

  • Deli meat that is specifically skinless chicken or turkey breast

  • If the product contains less than 2% of non-ZeroPoint ingredients (sugar, oil, food starch), it is still considered a ZeroPoint food.

The following are NOT ZeroPoint foods:

  • Processed, unspecified products such as “deli turkey” which often contain sugar or dark meat—ingredients that are not ZeroPoint foods

  • Pre-marinated chicken or turkey breasts

  • All other cuts of chicken or turkey

Why are other lean meats (like beef) not on my ZeroPoint foods list?

Red meat provides essential nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamin B12, however some cuts of red meat are higher in saturated fat and are more likely to be overconsumed than skinless chicken and turkey breast. Red meat can still be enjoyed as part of a healthy eating plan and can be tracked as part of your PersonalPoints Budget.

If I remove the skin from rotisserie chicken breast, is it a ZeroPoint food?

Yes, as long as you're eating the breast meat (and chicken is one of your ZeroPoint foods). 

Do chicken tenderloins and thigh meat have a PersonalPoints value?

Chicken tenderloins are a ZeroPoint food for some WW members as they are the leanest part of the chicken breast. Chicken thighs have a PersonalPoints value as this cut contains a higher amount of fat than the tenderloin or breast. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat them! They can be enjoyed within your PersonalPoints Budget.

If chicken or turkey breast is used to make jerky, is it a ZeroPoint food?

Afraid not. Jerky is a dried form of meat and has higher calories per ounce, so it won’t be one of your ZeroPoint foods. It’s also more of a snack food, so it’s easier to overeat. That’s why we ask you to track it.

How will I know if my chicken or turkey is actually skinless breast or another part of the bird?

Take a good look at it. Turkey and chicken breast are white meat, so if you’re eating a product that is visibly light compared to darker meat and is skinless, it's the breast meat. The PersonalPoints values in My Day will be the most up-to-date. If values are not what you expected, it’s likely that food is not actually one of your ZeroPoint foods. 

If I use the barcode scanner on a packaged meal, like an egg and turkey bacon breakfast sandwich, will it remove my ZeroPoint ingredients?

If the packaged food is in our database, the PersonalPoints value shown will have your ZeroPoint ingredients removed, assuming they are actually 0. (For example, deli turkey is not a ZeroPoint food.)