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Delicious Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

WW food experts share their ideas for giving Thanksgiving leftovers new life.

Thanksgiving leftovers can feel overwhelming, but they don't have to be. The remains of the greatest meal of the year can form the foundation of many fantastic dishes over the days following. Try some of Team WW's favorite ideas.

Stack a sandwich or wrap

“Pile all your T-day favorites—stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy—on a tortilla or a large lettuce leaf. Wrap and roll!” —Leslie Fink, food editor

“Spread whole wheat bread with light mayo and Dijon mustard. Add reduced-fat Swiss cheese and leftover turkey. Top with diced grape tomatoes and fresh arugula. Ham also works well instead of turkey.” —Eileen Runyan, food editor

“Turkey or ham makes the perfect base 
for a grilled sandwich, layered with leftover cranberry sauce or chutney, a meltable cheese, some red onions, and peppery greens like arugula.” —Julie Hartigan, recipe developer

“CLT sandwiches: cranberry, lettuce, turkey, plus light mayo.” —Carol Prager, recipe developer

Stir the pot

“A turkey carcass is an excellent building block for a flavorful soup broth. Cook a little wild rice in the broth, then add shredded turkey and chopped escarole. Season with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.” —Lisa Chernick, executive food editor

“Start with any favorite white bean soup recipe, then add cooked turkey and thinly sliced kale for the last 15 minutes of cooking.” —C.P.

“Here’s an easy, light way to make turkey noodle soup: Boil diced carrot and celery in a good chicken broth for 5 minutes. Add egg noodles  and simmer until just cooked. Stir in shredded leftover turkey, frozen peas, and a bunch of chopped scallions, and 
heat through.” —E.R.

Add eggs

“I make an omelet filled with turkey, stuffing, and Brussels sprouts, and top it off with a spoonful of cranberry relish. It’s a cousin to the excellent Thanksgiving sandwich!” —L.C.

“Frittatas are a perfect way to use up roasted vegetables. My go-to combo is cauliflower and onions. Start with any basic frittata recipe, and use whatever veggies you have on hand.” —C.P.

“I make a smashed veggie hash with eggs. Just dice up the vegetables and add cranberry sauce, potatoes, and any side dishes you like! Brown it in a skillet, then hollow out spaces in the pan and add whole eggs in the spaces. Cover pan and cook over medium heat until eggs are cooked through.” —D.J.

“Make a strata using leftover ham and cooked broccoli florets.” —E.R.

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Go vegetarian

“Pureed butternut squash and white beans make a delicious dip. It’s great with crudités!” —T.D.

“Top a roasted
 sweet potato with cranberry sauce, and sprinkle with fresh chopped herbs.” —L.F.

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