5 Mexican Brunch Recipes for a Delicious Cinco de Mayo

From tasty breakfast tacos to zesty margaritas, this SmartPoints-friendly Cinco de Mayo menu won’t get in the way of your weight loss.
Published April 26, 2019

While most tequila-lovers agree there’s no wrong day to have a margarita, Cinco de Mayo (May 5) is a great excuse to enjoy one at brunch along with other Mexican-inspired foods.

Now that you’ve got something to raise your glass to, there are plenty of SmartPoints®-friendly dishes to turn your toast into a bonafide brunch fiesta—even if you typically get your Mexican food at restaurants.

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Actually, digging into a festive Cinco de Mayo brunch without going over your dailies is easier than you think: Whether you end up hosting a Cinco de Mayo party or bringing a dish to a friend’s get-together, the light recipes below can help you fit everything from breakfast tacos to dessert into your Budget. Ready to get cooking? These Mexican brunch recipes will hit the spot and get you in the spirit:

5 Recipes for a Festive Cinco de Mayo Brunch

To wash it all down:

To end on a sweet note: