Healthy living

WW Flex® encourages
you to enjoy food with freedom, find
what moves you physically and
gives you the skills to
shift your mindset.  

A real plan for real life

With over 59,000 reviews, our members have given the WW app a 4.8* app store rating because it makes living the plan even easier !

Earn FitPoints™ with every activity you do and keep track in the WW app


Connect your activity tracker with the WW app and it’ll automatically convert your steps into FitPoints


Share your triumphs, big or small, in the online community, and celebrate the progress of others


Find what moves you

Being active doesn't have to mean putting on some Lycra and heading to the gym! Doing what you enjoy instead of
what you think you “should” do is the key to sticking to physical activity.

Food, fitness & wellbeing - we've got it covered!

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