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WeightWatchers® vs. the vegan diet

Compare the vegan diet with the WeightWatchers weight loss
programme. We'll look at what you'll eat, the health risks and liveability
of both options.

Does a vegan diet work for weight loss?

There’s a growing trend towards veganism for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons. ­The vegan diet is the strictest sub-set of the vegetarian diet, and followers eat only plant-based foods. As well as no meat, fish or eggs, it also means no animal by-products, such as gelatin, a common thickener, or rennet used in cheese making.

A vegan diet can work for weight loss, but supplements may need to be considered to meet the recommended daily intake of particular nutrients like vitamin B12.

Vegan diet

U.S. News & World Report Rankings*

#1 Best Diet for Weight Loss

#3 Best Diet for Weight Loss

What can I eat on this plan?

WW's scientifically proven Points means that everything's on the menu. Plus enjoy a list of ZeroPoint™ foods you don't have to weigh, track or measure.

The vegan diet excludes all animal products, including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. People may choose a vegan diet based on their values and/or for weight loss.


Beyond more flexibility in your food choices, WW also helps you fit in more movement and teaches you healthy habits that can shift your mindset. With an approach that goes beyond food, you’ll see benefits both on and off the scale.

People are increasingly choosing to eat a more plant-based diet and reduce the amount of animal products they eat. This demand has meant cafes, restaurants and supermarkets are providing more vegan options than ever before, which makes it easier to stick to long-term.

Health risks

WW is the #1 doctor recommended weight loss programme according to an August 2016 survey of primary care physicians.

A vegan diet can result in nutritional deficiencies, including vitamin B12, iron, and calcium. If left untreated, these deficiencies can cause serious illness including cognitive decline, anemia, and osteoporosis.

Social support

WW Workshops, the 4.8* rated WW app and our exclusive social network so you can follow like-minded vegan members for motivation and inspiration.

Blogs written by followers of the vegan diet and online communities exist, but do not provide guidance from qualified experts.

*WW is #1 in TWO U.S. News & World Report categories. Learn more here!

WW vegan recipes

The WW programme is suitable for all dietary preferences, including those who follow a vegan diet. Check out some of our vegan recipes below!

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