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How to hit your healthy targets

Published 18 November, 2015

Your journey is about more than just weight loss – it’s about making changes for life, too. Reach your get-healthy goal by planning ahead 

Any athlete will tell you that it’s not all about the end result – it’s about the small milestones along the way. And if you’re trying to get healthy, it pays to think about what you can achieve now, so you can reach your goals later.

Food focus
Your big target is probably to learn to eat more healthily, so you can lose weight, be healthier, and feel more confident about your choices. But changing your entire diet can feel totally overwhelming – we get it! Instead, set yourself some small goals, like eating fruit or veg at every meal, eating breakfast every day, reducing the sugar in your coffee or tea, or making a weekly meal plan and sticking to it. Before you know it, you’ll be stuck into a new healthy-eating plan, and your goal of a healthier lifestyle will be well within reach.

Activity aims
So, you’ve set yourself a goal of running a 5K, but you’ve never done any exercise? To reach this major milestone, focus on smaller targets along the way to train up. Make sure your trainers are always at the door, stand up every time you’re on the phone, take the stairs, or take a walk at lunchtime. By adding bursts of activity to your day, you’ll gradually build up your fitness levels – and, when you feel ready, you can start a walking or running plan to push yourself even further.

Why are big challenges so overwhelming? It’s all in your head: facing an intimidating task triggers a fear response in the brain. The best approach is to break the task down into bite-size pieces, so it’s easier to manage. If you add small targets to your daily routine, you’ll start to form a habit – and this time, it’ll be a healthy one!