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How body confident are you?

Published 11 July, 2016

Do you embrace the way you look? Find out with our quiz...

What do you think is the first thing people notice about you?
A. Your size
B. Your friendliness
C. Your eyes or smile

Think back to how you felt about your body 10 years ago. Today, do you:
A. Like it a lot less – you’d do anything to go back to those days
B. Feel the same as you always did – accepting yourself is what really matters
C. Like it more – it’s taken years to feel truly comfortable with the real you

A friend says you look great. What’s your response?
A. You recoil in horror and say: ‘Are you joking? I look terrible!’
B. You smile but don’t really believe her – she’s probably just trying to be nice
C. You thank her and feel great for the rest of the day

Which of these excuses do you most often use to avoid exercise?
A. I feel flabby and don’t want people to see me wobbling
B. I’m too busy
C. I never make excuses – exercise always makes me feel better, even if I’m not in the mood

You reach your goal weight and head out shopping. What’s your first buy?
A. A new version of your favourite top. You want to look good, but it’s comfort that counts
B. A new pair of jeans – they’re still loose, but you need time to get used to being slimmer!
C. A figure-hugging dress that highlights all your best bits

Which of these statements best describes your sex life?
A. I feel so fat and unattractive that I’ll make up any excuse to avoid it
B. I have a good sex life, but I don’t like leaving the lights on...
C. I enjoy it more than ever and am completely relaxed being naked in front of a partner

What makes you feel better on a ‘fat’ day?
A. Making sure you don’t see anyone and indulging in some treats
B. Chatting to a friend about other things to take your mind off your weight
C. Spending time on your hair and make-up, and going out – why should it stop you having fun?

The results....

Mostly A: Try a confidence boost
You may not be feeling great about your body right now, but remember, you’re on a healthy journey and you can and will feel better about yourself! Start small: treat yourself to a flattering new haircut, and do things that make you feel good about yourself, such as spending time with friends. Try adding a confidence element to your tracking, too – write down one thing you love about yourself every day to remind yourself how special you are. 

Mostly B: You’re making great progress...
You’re well on your way to being body confident, but still need reassurance. You could benefit from stepping back and realising what you’ve already achieved, which should give you a boost. Wherever you are in your weight-loss journey, taking the step to change your life by losing weight is something you can be proud of. If you’re finding it tricky to think of yourself as slimmer, don’t worry – lots of newly slim people take time to adjust to their new shape. Go shopping with a friend – you might be pleasantly surprised to see what fits.

Mostly C: You’re an inspiration
You seem to be very happy in your skin. You’ve realised that every woman has one or two hang-ups about her body, and even people who seem perfect worry about lumps and bumps, too. Being this confident is enviable, as it shows not only in how you look, but in how you interact with people. So don’t let yourself lose it! Remember whatever it was that got you here, and remind yourself of it if you find yourself slipping back into old habits.