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Eat carbs and lose weight

Once and for all, let’s settle this food fight: you CAN eat carbs and lose weight! Here’s how.
Published 16 August, 2019

Many carb sources contain the fibre and nutrients that your body needs.

That said, not all carbs are created equal, and eating more of the healthier kind helps keep you on track with your Budget.


What to do


Think about what you typically eat in a week and plan two moments when you can turn to ZeroPoint or low SmartPoints® carbs. Pick one of the three suggestions below to get you going:

1. Swap in healthier sweet stuff

Reach for foods with lower SmartPoints values. For example, swap sugary fizzy drinks for sugar-free versions. Instead of biscuits, try apple slices dipped in 0% fat natural Greek yogurt and drizzled with a little clear honey.

2. Play with ingredients

Give yourself permission to tinker with recipes. Mashed bananas can replace some of the sugar in pancakes and porridge. Spices do the same thing: try ground cinnamon or nutmeg.

3. Discover all the ZeroPoint carbs

Pile ZeroPoint carbs (including a rainbow of fruits and veggies) into a tasty veggie bowl, use courgette noodles instead of pasta and try cauliflower rice.