10 Pear Recipes to Savour this Autumn

From crumbles to salads, pears are a versatile ingredient that adds sweetness to any dessert or savoury dish.
Published 24 October, 2022 | Updated 26 January, 2023

Pears are a perfect alternative to apples — crisp, sweet, and full of fibre. However, buying them isn't as simple. When you buy pears should determine when you're planning to eat them. In other words, use the fruit as soon as possible!

How to pick and store a pear: Ripe pears can be identified by gently pressing your finger into the fruit where the stem meets the flesh. If it starts to give, the pear is ripe. This is the only place where you want the fruit to be ripe. Other soft places will foreshadow your first bite into the pear will be mealy and mushy—yuck! On the other hand, buy hard pears if you plan on eating them in a few days. Once you get them home, store pears at room temperature.