Get off to a flying start

Published 7 March, 2017

Welcome to Weight Watchers! We've helped millions of people become the happier, healthier person they want to be, so whether this is your first or not-so first time, we’ll be with you all the way.

As the saying goes, “Happy people make healthier choices” — and we’re so glad you’ve chosen Weight Watchers.

We know you have the inner strength it takes to succeed. And that you deserve to live a fulfilling, rich life. So whatever you want to do along with losing weight — eat better, be your best self, re-energise, de-stress or find fun ways to get moving — we’ll help you get there!

You’ll get a customised food and activity plan, help whenever you need it with our Online Coaches, Connect - the online community in the app, handy food and activity trackers, and thousands of meal and recipe ideas.

How do I get started? Simple.

  • Keep track of what you eat and drink. No need to be perfect — but being consistent helps a lot. 
  • Get in some activity. A walk around the block, a swim... whatever makes you feel good.
  • Use the tools! The WW app is like having the plan in your pocket - you can track, get progress reports, chat with our online Coaches, you name it. Sticking close to the plan will support your weight loss.
  • Take care of your whole self: pick one thing you love to do and do it (it doesn’t have to be big — calling a friend counts!) Doing something for yourself OTHER than food and fitness helps round out the whole experience, and it just makes life more fun!

We know you can do this. And we’ve got your back.