#instavideo: Alison Hammond's favourite ZeroPoint™ barbecue recipe

Take this simple, healthy dish to garden gatherings this summer.

It's summertime, the sun has finally made a prolonged appearance and that means barbecue season is in full swing!

Nothing's off the menu on WW Freestyle™, but it's always handy to have some low or ZeroPoint™ food ideas up your sleeve to stay on top of your SmartPoints® Budget.

In the video below, WW ambassador Alison Hammond shows us how to prepare her favourite barbecue dish for 0 SmartPoints.

Try it next time you're hosting a backyard barbecue, or if you're a guest, bring it along to throw on the barbecue and add to the spread. That way, you'll always have a healthy option to help you stay on track. 

Check out Alison's video below, and follow her on Instagram @alisonhammond55 for more WW inspiration!




6 cracking kebab recipes


Thanks Alison for your summer recipe inspiration!

We're totally on board: when it comes to barbecue-ready food, you can’t beat a tray of kebabs.

Simply thread your favourite ingredients onto a skewer, pop them on the grill and you’ll have a perfectly portioned meal in no time at all.

They're perfect for a quick al fresco family meal or for entertaining!

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