21 Christmas cocktail recipes to get you in the spirit

Whether you're planning an alfresco evening with friends or a day lounging on the beach, here are some lighter style cocktail ideas to enjoy this Christmas.

Christmas drinks

Whether you're planning a BBQ with friends, or a day on the beach with family, here are some fun low-SmartPoints cocktail ideas to try.

Keen to get creative and make your own festive cocktails? Awesome! Just follow the "bartender’s golden ratio": one part sour, one part sweet and two parts alcohol.

Larger ice cubes melt more slowly in a short glass, while smaller cubes or crushed ice work better for tall drinks.

Hosting a crowd? Combine ingredients in a jug but save the ice for the glasses to keep melting ice from diluting your cocktail mix.

Finish off your cocktail with a garnish

  • Whole strawberries: Cut a notch at the tip of the berry and place on the rim of the glass.
  • Citrus wedges: Trim off each end of a lemon and/or lime, halve lengthwise and slice into wedges. Cut a notch on the flesh side and place on rim.
  • Citrus twists: Use a paring knife to cut off strips of citrus peel. Twist over a glass to release the oils, rub it around the rim and drop it in.
  • Pineapple chunks: Cut a notch on the flesh side of a piece of pineapple and place on rim.
  • Thin citrus slices: Cut thin whole or half-moon slices of lemon, lime and orange. Cut a notch on one side so you can slip over the rim of the glass.