Why we love avocado for breakfast and 9 creative recipes to try

Avocado and breakfast are a match made in heaven! Try some of these delicious avo breakfast recipes packed with nutrients and healthy fats.

Reasons to have an avocado breakfast

Avocados are nutrient dense, rich in 9 mono and polyunsaturated fats, and naturally low in sugar and sodium. Half an avocado can provide the average adult with 5g of fibre – 17 per cent of your daily needs – and has valuable levels of folate, and vitamin K and E.

Try avocado in the obvious salads, dips and canapés, but also experiment: add it to a green smoothie with kale or spinach; swap the traditional tomato gazpacho for an iced ‘avo’ gazpacho; and try using avocado as a butter replacement in baking. And of course, our favourite way to enjoy avo - for breakfast!