Power Up With Power Foods

Simple snacks and meals featuring supermarket staples — that also happen to be Weight Watchers Power Foods!
groceries on counter

There’s no slaving over the stove or serious chopping here. Just quick-and-easy recipes for one that contain a handful of ingredients. Many of the ideas are no-cook; others use just a microwave or toaster oven.

So pick a Power Food below and check out the tasty options. We've even included shopping and preparation tips. Plus, frequently asked questions about what makes each of these foods so special.

Hard-boil a dozen and enjoy them deviled, in salads, sandwiches and more.
Stash a bag in your freezer for these easy no-cook snacks and microwave meals.
Sweet Potato
The perfect base for a quick meal that can go either sweet or savory.
Enjoy a broccoli and cheddar spud. Or get fancy with turkey bacon, chives and goat cheese.
Greek Yogurt
Add protein-packed creaminess to smoothies, dips and sauces.
A wonderful snack on their own. But also delicious in salads, sandwiches and slaw.
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