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We teamed up for your health!

AT&T partnered with WW to offer their science-backed weight-loss program that’s customized to you—your lifestyle, your tastes.

Starting August 1, 2021, AT&T will cover more than 50% of WW membership costs for eligible employees, spouses, partners, and adult dependents.

Get ready to write your own success story

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James Corden, -22 lbs**

Award-winning actor, comedian, television host, and NEW WW member

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Enrollment opens August 1!

Discover why WW works

WW's science-backed PersonalPoints™ Program starts with a personal assessment that customizes the plan to you—no two plans are the same!

Eat what you love—and still lose weight!

With WW, delicious options are always on the menu—whether you cook, dine out, or take out. Check out this typically delicious day!

Enrollment opens August 1!

**People following the WW plan can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.

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