Photo of Turkey Meatballs in a Spicy Marinara Sauce by WW

Turkey Meatballs in a Spicy Marinara Sauce

SmartPoints® value per serving
Total Time
6 hr 45 min
15 min
6 hr 30 min
These will cook up light and tender, thanks to the panko breadcrumbs.


no salt added canned crushed tomatoes

28 oz, one can

canned tomato paste

5 Tbsp, no-salt-added

balsamic vinegar

2 Tbsp

dried oregano

1 Tbsp

fennel seeds

1 tsp

red pepper flakes

½ tsp

table salt

½ tsp

uncooked 93% lean ground turkey

2 pound(s)

whole wheat Panko breadcrumbs

½ cup(s)

pine nuts

¼ cup(s), finely chopped

dried basil

2 Tbsp

dried marjoram

2 tsp, optional


  1. Stir the tomatoes, tomato paste, vinegar, oregano, fennel seeds, red pepper flakes and salt in a 5- to 6-quart slow cooker until the tomato paste dissolves.
  2. Mix the ground turkey, panko, pine nuts, dried basil, and dried marjoram, if using, in a large bowl until uniform. Form into 12 compact meatballs, 1/3 cup each. Drop into the tomato mixture in the slow cooker.
  3. Cover and cook on low for 6 to 7 hours, until an instant-read meat thermometer inserted into a meatball registers 165F. The meatballs can stay covered on the keep-warm setting for up to 3 hours. Serving size: 2 meatballs and 1/2 cup sauce.

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