Super-easy Linzer tarts

Total Time
5 min
5 min
With WW, you never have to deprive yourself of the things you love—including cookies. So, next time you're in the mood for a sweet treat, try this lighter take on the Linzer tart! All you need is four ingredients: raspberry preserves, reduced-fat vanilla wafers, sliced almonds, and raspberries. The ease of the ingredient shopping is matched only by the ease of the preparation process: Spread the preserves over a cookie, sprinkle with sliced almonds, and then top with a single raspberry. In the blink of an eye, you'll have a treat perfect for the summer when the raspberries are flourishing!


Red raspberry preserves

1 Tbsp

reduced fat vanilla wafer(s)

3 item(s)

sliced almonds

1 Tbsp, chopped, toasted

fresh raspberries

3 item(s), large


  1. Spread 1 tsp preserve over each cookie; sprinkle each with 1 tsp almonds and top each with a raspberry.
  2. Serving size: 1 tart

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