Photo of Slow Cooker Cholent by WW

Slow Cooker Cholent

Total Time
10 hr 20 min
20 min
10 hr
This hearty beef, grain, and bean stew is a classic Jewish preparation that allows you to enjoy a warm, fresh meal on the Sabbath while adhering to the rule that does not permit cooking on that day. You can load everything into the slow cooker before sundown Friday night, and allow the stew to slowly simmer overnight. Keep it hot on the cooker’s “warm” setting until you’re ready to eat.


Uncooked red potato

1 pound(s), baby variety, halved

Uncooked onion

1 large, chopped

Uncooked lean trimmed boneless chuck steak

2 pound(s), cut into 2-inch pieces

Uncooked pearl barley

¾ cup(s)

Canned low sodium red kidney beans

1½ cup(s), rinsed and drained

Unsalted beef stock

4 cup(s)

Smoked paprika

1 Tbsp


1 Tbsp

Kosher salt

2 tsp

Black pepper

1 tsp

Fresh parsley

½ cup(s), chopped (optional)


  1. In the bottom of a 6- to 8-quart slow cooker, layer the potatoes, onion, beef, barley, and beans. Pour the beef stock over the mixture. Sprinkle with the paprika, honey, salt, and pepper; stir gently. Cover and cook on Low for 10 to 12 hours. Garnish with parsley, if desired.
  2. Serving size: about 1 ¼ cups