Photo of Salmon with Thai slaw by WW

Salmon with Thai slaw

Total Time
29 min
20 min
9 min
This 30-minute dinner features the best flavors of your favorite Thai food. The meaty lush salmon is well matched with the nutty tart dressing of the cabbage slaw. The cool crunch and minty freshness of the slaw makes this a great dinner for eating outside on warm summer nights. Add some cellophane noodles or brown rice to absorb the zesty cabbage dressing. The colors of the bright veggies and rich pink salmon are such a beautiful combination you may want to serve this dish with a side of steamed broccolini at your next lunch gathering. The slaw also makes a wonderful side dish to grilled chicken breasts and pork tenderloin.


Uncooked farmed salmon fillet(s) with or without skin

24 oz, (four 6-oz fillets)

Table salt

½ tsp

Lime zest

1 tsp, grated

Fresh lime juice

1 Tbsp

Asian fish sauce

1 Tbsp


1 tsp

Dark sesame oil

1 tsp

Uncooked savoy cabbage

½ head(s), thinly sliced

Shredded carrot(s)

½ cup(s)



Fresh mint leaves


Jalapeño pepper(s)

1 medium, or small red Thai chile, seeded and minced

Cooking spray

4 spray(s)

Fresh lime(s)

½ item(s), cut into 4 wedges


  1. Sprinkle salmon with salt. Spray large skillet with nonstick spray and set over medium-high heat. Add salmon, skin side down, and cook 4 minutes. Turn and cook until lightly browned and just opaque in center, about 4 minutes longer.
  2. Meanwhile, to make slaw, whisk together lime zest and juice, fish sauce, sugar, and sesame oil in large bowl. Add cabbage, carrot, cilantro, mint, and jalapeño and toss to coat well.
  3. Remove and discard skin from salmon. Serve salmon with slaw and lime wedges.
  4. Serving size: 1 salmon fllet and 1 cup slaw


Savoy cabbage looks like a deeply wrinkled version of regular green cabbage. You can use green cabbage or Napa cabbage in this recipe, however, if you prefer.