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Salmon cakes with fiery bell pepper salsa

0 - 3
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Total Time
42 min
30 min
12 min
A tastebud fiesta, these fast and flavorful salmon cakes get their spice from cayenne pepper and their delightful texture from the addition of scallion, celery and shallots into the mix. The salsa gets its spicy flavor from jalapeno peppers. Dial your spice up or down by changing the amount of the hotter items in each recipe element. Ready in about 40 minutes, a bed of brown rice will soak up some juices from the salsa and complement the other textures of this dish for a fully rounded meal. Try subbing two (7-ounce) cans of tuna for the salmon to make better use of this winner recipe.


Sweet red pepper(s)

1 large, finely diced, divided

Yellow pepper(s)

1 small, finely diced

Jalapeño pepper(s)

¾ small, seeded and minced (don’t touch seeds with bare hands)

White vinegar

1 Tbsp, or red balsamic vinegar

Table salt


Black pepper


Uncooked scallion(s)

2 medium, trimmed and minced, divided


1 Tbsp, fresh, minced

Canned salmon

14½ oz, drained

Uncooked celery

1 rib(s), small, finely chopped

Uncooked shallot(s)

1 medium, minced


1 large egg(s), beaten

Fat free mayonnaise

2 Tbsp

Cayenne pepper

¼ tsp, or ancho chili powder

Black pepper

¼ tsp

Table salt


Cooking spray

1 spray(s)


  1. To make salsa, combine 1 cup of diced red pepper, yellow pepper, jalapeno, vinegar, 1/8 tsp of salt, 1/8 tsp of pepper, 1 minced scallion and cilantro in a medium bowl; set aside to allow flavors to blend.
  2. Place salmon in large mixing bowl and mash with back of a spoon. (It is not necessary to pick out the bones.) Stir in remaining scallion, remaining red pepper, celery, shallot, egg, mayonnaise, cayenne pepper, remaining 1/4 tsp of black pepper and remaining 1/8 tsp of salt; mix well.
  3. Coat a large skillet with cooking spray; heat skillet over medium heat.
  4. Loosely pack a 1/4-cup measuring cup with salmon mixture; turn measuring cup ingredients out onto skillet and press down on salmon cake with a spatula until it is about 3/4-inch thick; repeat to make 8 salmon cakes total. Cook salmon cakes for 3 minutes on first side; gently turn over and cook until golden on second side, about 2 to 3 minutes more. (Be careful not to crowd salmon cakes; cook in 2 batches if necessary.) Yields 2 salmon cakes and about 1/2 cup of salsa per serving.