Quick beef nachos

Quick Beef Nachos

Total Time
11 min
10 min
1 min
When you need a quick, bright Mexican fix, here's a great go-to recipe. These nachos can be made, start to finish, in just 11 minutes. It's the perfect snack or appetizer for one, but it can be easily scaled up if you want to serve them to a crowd. The tortilla chips are topped with roast beef that's been seasoned with ground cumin and dried oregano. Sprinkle with Mexican-style cheese, then simply pop the chips into the microwave to melt the cheese and warm the beef. All that's left to do is top with jalapenos, store-bought salsa, and a touch of fresh cilantro—with no pots or pans to clean, it doesn't get much easier than that.


Tortilla chips

7 chip(s)

Deli style roast beef slices

2 oz, cut into strips

Ground cumin

¼ tsp

Dried oregano

¼ tsp

Shredded reduced fat Mexican-style cheese

2 Tbsp

Pickled jalapeno peppers

2 Tbsp, chopped, sliced (or to taste; optional)


2½ Tbsp, fresh, refrigerated variety (drained if very liquidy)


  1. Arrange tortilla chips in a single layer on a microwave-safe plate; microwave 30 seconds.
  2. Meanwhile, toss roast beef with cumin and oregano. Evenly divide mixture over warm chips and sprinkle with cheese; microwave until beef is hot and cheese melts, 30 seconds (or bake in oven).
  3. Top with jalapenos and salsa; garnish with cilantro.