Persian shish kebabs

Total Time
16 min
6 min
10 min
Though it may be more costly than other spices, you won't be able to resist saffron's sweet floral taste that enhances many Middle Eastern dishes. A little goes a long way, and blooming it in chicken broth, pomegranate molasses, and salt makes it irresistible for these kebabs, and beautifully complements the mushrooms, bell peppers, onion, zucchini, and beef. We prefer to use metal skewers for this dish—they cook the beef from the inside, too, as it broils. But if you only happen to have wooden skewers on hand, soak them in water for 10 minutes and increase the cooking time by 2 minutes on each side.


Reduced-sodium chicken broth

¼ cup(s)


2 Tbsp, pomegranate variety, or frozen cranberry-juice

Table salt

1 tsp


½ tsp

Uncooked lean trimmed sirloin beef

1 pound(s), trimmed of fat and cut into 1-inch pieces

Cremini mushroom(s)

4 large, fresh, halved

Uncooked bell pepper(s)

1 item(s), medium, green, seeded and cut into eighths

Uncooked red onion(s)

1 medium, cut into eighths

Uncooked zucchini

1 medium, cut into 8 pieces


  1. Spray the broiler rack with nonstick spray; preheat the broiler.
  2. Meanwhile, combine the broth, pomegranate molasses, salt, and saffron in a small bowl.
  3. Skewer the beef and vegetables onto 4 metal skewers, alternating the beef and vegetables. Brush with half the broth mixture.
  4. Place the skewers on the broiler rack and broil 5 inches from the heat for 4 minutes. Turn and brush with the remaining broth mixture. Broil until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the beef registers 145°F for medium-rare, about 5 minutes, or 160°F for medium, about 6 minutes. Let stand 1 minute before serving. Yields 1 skewer per serving.