Photo of Malted milk mudslide shooters by WW

Malted milk mudslide shooters

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Total Time
10 min
10 min
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Milkshakes can most certainly be for adults. Rich and frosty, these smartly sized mudslide shooters get a chocolate and malted milk boost. You’ll need just six ingredients and 10 minutes to make them. These shooters already include Kahlúa, a Mexican coffee-flavored liqueur, but since these are a grown-up treat, you can make this even more boozy by substituting chocolate liqueur for the chocolate syrup. Add the ingredients to the blender in the order listed in the ingredient list so the mixture will blend easily. The result is a cold and decadent drink that’s ideal for a summer party or gathering.


Low-fat milk

1 cup(s)

Chocolate flavored malted milk mix

3 Tbsp, such as Ovaltine

Light chocolate ice cream

1 cup(s)


2 fl oz, (1/4 cup)

Ice cube(s)

1 cup(s)

Chocolate syrup

7 tsp


  1. Blend all ingredients, except chocolate syrup, in a blender on high until thick and smooth. Pour into narrow 5 oz cups and drizzle with syrup; serve immediately. Yields about 4 oz chocolate shake and 1/2 teaspoon syrup per serving.