Photo of Make-ahead breakfast fig spread by WW

Make-ahead breakfast fig spread

Total Time
25 min
5 min
20 min
Too rushed in the morning for a homemade meal? No problem. Cook a batch of this delicious fig spread one evening—it takes just 25 minutes to prepare—and store it in the refrigerator. You will thank yourself in the morning when you have something that tastes special but didn’t take much time to prepare. Slather this fig spread on a toasted whole-wheat English muffin or stir it into a bowl of oatmeal or yogurt. Or spice up a basic charcuterie board at your next gathering by adding a small bowl to serve with crackers, cheese, fruit, and sliced meats.


Sweetened dried fig(s)

6 oz, Black Mission, stems removed

Ginger root

1 tsp, fresh, diced

Orange juice

1 fl oz

Fresh lemon juice

1½ tsp

Table salt



  1. Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer, stirring occasionally, until liquid has evaporated by 3/4 the amount, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat.
  2. Place all ingredients in a food processor, and pulse on medium-high speed until mixture is well combined and smooth.
  3. Yields about 2 tablespoons of fig spread per serving.