Bacon-and-egg kale salad

Total Time
0 min
This is a deliciously hearty, colorful salad that could be made as a fun lunch or filling dinner and comes together in just minutes. It features a savory mixture of turkey bacon, white mushrooms, red onions, kale, red-wine vinegar, and Dijon mustard. Plus, the hard-boiled eggs on top really make this a showstopper of a dish. Feel free to use spinach or mixed greens if you don't have any kale handy. And if you want a more protein-packed lunch or dinner, you can top each salad with skinless chicken breast or grilled salmon, but keep in mind this will affect the recipe's nutritional value.


Olive oil

1 Tbsp

Uncooked turkey bacon

2 slice(s), chopped


4 oz, white variety, thinly sliced

Red onion

½ small, thinly sliced


3 cup(s), thinly sliced

Red wine vinegar

1 Tbsp

Red wine vinegar

1 tsp

Dijon mustard

½ tsp


tsp, (1 pinch)

Hard boiled egg

2 item(s), large, large, peeled and chopped


  1. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add bacon and cook, stirring often, until crisp, about 5 minutes. Transfer to paper towel–lined plate.
  2. Add mushrooms and onion to skillet and cook, stirring often, until softened, about 5 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, place kale in large bowl.
  4. Remove skillet from heat. Stir in vinegar, mustard, and sugar. Add mushroom mixture to kale and toss to combine. Let stand 5 minutes. Add bacon and eggs and toss to combine. Serve at once.
  5. Per serving (2½ cups)