Get a 6-week obé Fitness membership with WellnessWins

Screenshot of today’s schedule for live fitness classes in Obé mobile app. Two women working out with floor exercises.


45-day obé Fitness trial*

obé makes it easy—and fun—to move more with live and on-demand fitness classes that really work. With this trial, you’ll get unlimited access to 15-plus types of workouts (think sculpt, HIIT, barre, Pilates, and more!) ranging from 5-minute express classes to one-hour total-body burners.

*After your 45-day trial, your plan will auto-renew into the membership selected during sign-up unless you cancel during your trial.

Screenshot of available fitness classes in Obé app. Woman standing with dumbbell in right hand raised overhead and dumbbell in left hand just above shoulder.

About obé

With tons of variety and instructors you’ll love, obé helps you get fit, not bored. As you work out with NYC’s best trainers live or on demand, you’ll also get nonstop motivation and accountability from the obé fam. The motto? Just show up and do your best, no perfection needed!

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About WellnessWins™

Improving your health is the best win there is, and WellnessWins™ sweetens the deal by rewarding you for building healthy habits. Get the goods as you go for your goals!