News from Mindy, the CEO, about WW and COVID-19 precautions

Your safety is our top priority.

June 18, 2020
Check out how we are keeping you safe as we reopen!

June 4, 2020

Great news: we are beginning a phased reopening of select WW Studios for contactless Wellness Check-ins and WW product purchases! When you search your location here, you will see a list of live Virtual Workshop schedules and open shopping hours if your local WW location is a part of our phased reopening.

How we're putting your safety first:

  • If you are not feeling well, we ask that you please stay home for yourself and others.
  • We will require the use of a protective face covering during your visit. We’re happy to provide a mask if you don’t have your own. Studio teams will also be required to wear personal protective equipment.
  • Members will be required to wear shoes when weighing in.
  • We will install sanitation stations for you to use throughout your visit, enforce 6-foot social distancing, using signs and floor markers, install plexiglass shields, and clean frequently with a focus on high-touch areas.
  • Depending on how many members are inside the Studio, you may be asked to take a seat and wait so that we can maintain a 6-foot distance.
  • We will no longer be accepting cash or checks as payment options during the checkout process.


May 15, 2020

Over the past few months, I’ve been thrilled by your incredibly positive response to live Virtual Workshops. Hundreds of thousands of WW members have joined (including me!), and you’ve told us it’s been a powerful source of support and community. You love getting the Workshop experience at home—and I do, too. That said, we’re all eager to return to normal Studio life.

Here’s the good news: We’re excited to announce that we will be reopening select locations in a phased roll-out, with careful testing and precautions in place to ensure the health of our members and Studio teams. When we do open our doors, things might look and feel a little different, but rest assured: Your Studio will be a space where you can feel safe and comfortable. 

As a health and wellness company, your well-being is our top priority, so we will follow both CDC and local government guidance as we work through this process. Our locations will be implementing social distancing, including limiting the amount of people in the space, a new flow to help keep you and our teams safe, and associate training on new cleaning and safety protocols. We will be back in touch with more information about Studio locations near you before we reopen. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the flexibility and freedom of live Virtual Workshops to get the coaching you need right now. And know that if you prefer a virtual option going forward, it’s there for you, because WW meets you where you are.  

No matter which WW experience you choose, we can’t wait to see you, support you, and cheer you on. 

Take care and be well, 

Mindy Grossman, President and CEO, WW International, Inc. 


Here are the answers to some other frequently asked questions:


Question: How will I know if my Studio is open again?
Answer: Be on the lookout for a detailed email from us regarding the opening date of your nearest Studio. You can also check the “Find a Workshop” page on We’re excited to see you soon! Your health is our top priority. As we prepare to re-open Studio doors in the next few weeks, we want you to know that we’re taking careful precautions to keep our team and members safe. These measures include: increased cleaning of high-touch areas, installing sanitation stations and PlexiGlass shields, requiring our Studio team members to wear masks, and holding Workshops adhering to social distancing guidelines, plus any other local rules and regulations. There will also be special offers in Studio the week it reopens!

Question: Do I have to go back to my Studio if it reopens?
Answer: Should you choose to not visit a Studio, you may continue to get the support you need in live Virtual Workshops from the comfort and convenience of your home. Interested in another Studio? Click here for alternate locations. 

Question: Why is my Studio staying closed?
Answer: We are so thankful that you have spent time with us, learned with us, and grew with us at your Studio. The community you’ve helped us build is unparalleled. Due to circumstances caused by current events, we will not be reopening certain locations. Because of loyal members like you, this decision was not easy to make. At WW, nothing is more important than providing you with the coaching you need to achieve your wellness goals, so we welcome you to join us at another nearby Studio, which can be found here. Should you decide not to visit a Studio at this time, you may continue to get the guidance you need in live Virtual Workshops from the convenience of your home. We can’t wait to see you, support you, and cheer you on, no matter which WW experience you choose.

Question: Can I still earn WellnessWins™ if my Studio stays closed or I choose not to go?
Answer: Yes! At this time, we will continue to reward Workshop + Digital members 50 Wins for weighing in through the app. When you attend your Workshop in Studio and go through your Wellness Check-in with your Guide, your weight will be recorded in the app so you can continue to earn Wins. However, these Wins will not show up in your Workshop attendance history yet, they will only show up in your total earned.



March 14, 2020

At WW, we are proud that so many of you consider our Studios safe spaces where your journey is supported, and trust that we are taking the preventative steps to keep you, and our employees, safe. After careful consideration, we have decided to transition our in-person Workshops to virtual Workshops until April 4. Yes, you can attend your Workshop from home!

In order to properly train our Coaches and give you time to adjust, we will pause all Workshops beginning Monday, March 16, and will launch Live Virtual Workshops Thursday, March 19.

We know that you turn to us for support and that community is key to your success. That will not change, and you won’t have to go it alone. In this unprecedented time, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to stay on your journey without worry—including bringing your Coach to you. Remember: Your WW app has audio workouts and meditations to do at home, and if you need a little inspiration you can binge-watch celebrity interviews from Oprah’s 2020 Vision tour right here. Wondering what to expect in a Virtual Workshop?

Virtual Workshops will be held via Zoom video conferencing, which will maintain your personal connection to your Coach and will deliver your workshop seamlessly. Over the next few days, you’ll receive a link to the WW app to join your new Virtual Studio in Connect, our private social network. We also recommend downloading the free Zoom app here for the best experience (Zoom will also work in your web browser or via a phone call).

Benefits of Virtual Workshops

Privacy: If you don’t like being on camera, you can shut off the video setting at any time. Your weigh-in will happen via the app only.

Constant support: You can communicate with your fellow members in your Connect group at any time—not just during the live Workshop.

Convenience: Virtual Workshops can happen right from home—no shoes required!

At WW, we are always here for you! We’ll continue to send you regular updates, and if you have any questions, please reach out any time via our 24/7 Live Coaching chat bubble at the bottom right corner of your screen when you log into your accout at


March 12, 2020

As a member of our WW family, I wanted to reach out to you personally with an update on the steps we are taking to keep our members, our employees, and our entire community healthy and safe. Your well-being is central to our purpose and our top priority as we join companies around the world responding to the current global health challenge.

We are proud that so many of you consider our Studios safe spaces where your wellness journey is supported, and we want that to continue, so we have taken many proactive steps to maintain the healthiest possible environment. In accordance with guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), we are cleaning our spaces thoroughly and frequently. All of our employees have been instructed to follow the CDC’s best practices, including frequent handwashing, to keep themselves and others safe. We encourage you to do the same, so please review the most up-to-date information here.

In addition to our members, we are committed to taking care of our WW team across the globe. That is why we have suspended all international and domestic air travel for employees. Those who have traveled to high-risk areas have been required to self-quarantine for the recommended 14 days. We are providing all team members with constant updates and information so they can keep themselves and their families safe.

WW is a science-based organization, so we will, of course, continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, and local health authorities. We also feel fortunate to have the in-house leadership of a Chief Science Officer, as well as top-flight advisory boards. Rest assured that our team members around the world are collaborating closely to make quick, thoughtful, and well-informed decisions. Check our Studio Finder on for any changes to our Studio schedules. Currently, Workshops are continuing, but we have instructed all our team members to avoid Studio spaces if they have any concerns about exposure, or at the slightest sign of illness. We ask you to do the same.

Thankfully, our robust digital tools are always there to support you. The WW app has all the features you need to stay focused on your well-being, including food and activity tracking, nourishing recipes, Aaptiv audio workouts you can do at home, and Headspace meditations designed to help with stress. Our 24/7 chat lets you access guidance from a Coach, anytime, anywhere. Community has never been more important, and you can always find it on Connect, our close-knit and inspiring social network. Use our WW app tutorial to take advantage of all these features, and more. And check here for resources and tips that can help you take good care of yourself and your loved ones in the coming weeks.

Finally, let me say that our hearts go out to all those affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As a mother and grandmother, as well as a CEO and member of WW, I want you to know that you are constantly in my thoughts. Since our founder, Jean Nidetch, held her first meeting in her living room, and throughout our 57 years, WW has been about community. That will never change. I’ll repeat what you’ve heard me say many times before: We’re #bettertogether.

Look out for regular updates from us as we navigate this evolving situation, and thank you for being a part of our WW family.